Healthy Skin Begins With Knowledge

Your skin is like no one else’s. Our personalised assessment gives you the insight into your skins unique requirements that will enable you to make smarter, more effective decisions when it comes to your skin care.

Facial Analysis

Our practice uses advanced facial analysis system that is led by artificial intelligence and cloud based algorithmic comparisons to provide you with easy to understand, detailed reports that we use to develop your personal skin care regime.

The human eye can go so far in gaining an understanding of individuals skin conditions. With the help of a computer-controlled system enables us to take a deeper look into your skin. Not only analyse the surface conditions but also, we are able to look at concerns that go much deeper into your dermis. Therefore, allowing us to recommend tailored treatment and products plan that work from the inside out.

Facial analysis system ensures our ability to capture and track your facial progress over time with regular scan intervals which will be decided upon creating your treatment plan. You will be in a position to not only make comparisons based on imagery but also look at quantifiable numbers to measure progress over time. This is a great way to measure results before, during and after a treatment course. Each time the analysis is made you will get a report that is customised for each patient in an easy to read format which includes recommendations for your skin care this will be printed or emailed to you, allowing you to track your own progress independently.

How Does It Work?

Our Facial Skin Analysis System scans your skin and captures key visual information, using multi-spectral imaging and analysis, of 10 areas that affect your skin’s health and appearance.  We use 5 different lighting spectrums to achieve this including:

  1. Natural Day Light
  2. Parallel Polarised Light
  3. Cross Polarised Light
  4. UV Light
  5. Wood Light

We measure the overall health of your skin by counting and assessing severity of the below conditions:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Redness (Haemoglobin)
  3. Skin Pigmentation
  4. Hyper Pigmentation
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Pore size
  7. Porphyrins (Bacteria)
  8. UV spots
  9. Photo damage
  10. Texture

With this quantitative assessment of your skin, we compare your skin’s features to other individuals of the same sex, age and skin type and provide you with your relative skin condition within your peer group.  We then prepare your personal skin care regime and rejuvenation program.

As your treatments progress, our Skin Analysis System is used to track the changes in your skin and the effectiveness of your skin care program.

Our Vision

When it comes to skin care, we at Deluxe Skin don’t like to find short term remedies. We like to work with individual skin requirements, start with enhancing our clients skin barrier and then working our way up with more advanced and rigorous treatments. Allowing your body’s natural healing response to provide you with results that you are able to enjoy for many years to come. The results we try to achieve are very natural and truly enable skin rejuvenation.

Find out how you can benefit from individualised skin care, schedule a Skin Analysis Consultation with our clinic today.


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Facial Skin Analysis (with report)

995 DKK

Facial Skin Analysis (report and follow-up)

1.495 DKK

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