Murad skincare is a true dermatologist brand developed by Dr. Howard Murad over twenty years ago. His main goal was to provide his patients with the solution to unrelenting skin conditions such as ageing, acne and sensitivity, and this hasn’t changed only now his patients are worldwide customers looking for the answer to an even wider range of complexion concerns from environmental damage to dehydration and persistent inflammation.

Each product in the Murad range has been curated to support and enhance the skin’s barrier function to not only protect the cells that reside beneath but to encourage a better renewal process so that each new layer of skin is populated by stronger, younger cells. Alongside this approach, Murad also pioneered the idea of Cellular Water being crucial to maintaining good skin health. He states that cells with poor health cannot hold onto water effectively and therefore become prone to damage which then contributes to everything from wrinkles, dryness and cellulite. By including these basic principles at the baseline of every Murad product, users can be sure that every aspect of their complexion is properly taken care of.

The Murad system comprises of three steps, no matter your skin type or concern. Each sub-range consists of a cleanser and toner (Step 1), a targeted treatment to repair or enhance the skin (Step 2) and a protective moisturiser to replenish the skin day after day (Step 3). Just follow these core stages in both your morning and evening routine to achieve beautifully healthy skin that radiates the Murad glow!