You can now apply for a loan at Deluxe Skin without interest, fees or down Payment

Deluxe Skin is proud to partner up with Nordea Finance Denmark A/S to offer its clients loans whih are free of interest, fees and no down payment is required.

We now offer Konto 360 ° in partnership with Nordea Finance Denmark A/S. With a Konto 360   account you can borrow up to DKK 40,000 completely without payment, interest and fees. The account can be used to purchase treatments and products at Deluxe Skin. How much you can borrow depends on the specific treatment and/ or products you are interested in purchasing. You have an option to pay over a period of 12 months. First payment will be a combination of current month plus 30 days and overall, you only repay the borrowed amount – the same amount as for cash purchases.

Application Process

You will be required to attend the clinic in person and express your desire to apply for Konto 360 ° where our staff will confirm the treatments and/ or products you wish to purchase and will advise you the cost associated. Here you will have the option to take out a loan between DKK 500,- incl. VAT to  DKK 40.000,- incl. VAT.

Please note, you are required to apply for a loan no later than 7 days before treatment is carried  out. Otherwise, you will be required to pay in full.

Apply For An Additional Dkk 5.000,-

In addition to the amount requested for treatments and/ or products at Deluxe Skin, you may be approved for an additional loan of DKK 5.000,-. Ask our staff before creating your account if you would like to borrow an additional DKK 5,000 on top of the purchase.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum purchase is DKK 500,- incl. VAT
  • Maximum purchase is DKK 40,000,- incl. VAT
  • Repaid over a maximum 12 month period
  • Set-up fee: DKK 0,-
  • Interest charged: 0%
  • APR: 0%
  • Payment via “Betalingsservice”: DKK 0,-
  • Payment other than “Betalingsservice”: DKK 29,- per month
  • First payment: Current month + 30 days
  • Extra credit of DKK 5,000,-
  • Application to be completed 7 days prior to treatment

Loan Example

Find below, examples of loan repayment. Please note, loans range between 1 to 12 months. Below examples are for illustration purposes only.

Kontantpris (kr.)Pr. md. i 6 mdr. (kr.)Pr. md. i 12 mdr. (kr.)

In all examples, the fixed debt rate is 0.0%. The APR is 0.0%. The total cost is DKK 0,-. The total credit amount and the amount to be repaid is the same as the cash price of the item. The examples require payment via Payment Service.

Cancelation Policy – There is a 14 day cancellation right on the financing.


Deluxe Skin offers a price guarantee on all of our treatment ranges. If you are able to find a treatment that we offer cheaper anywhere in Copenhagen we will match the price.


Any Questions for the Deluxe Skin Team?

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